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Aboriginal Discovery Tours

The award winning Mungo Aboriginal Discovery Tours are conducted in Mungo National Park by rangers from the three tribal groups of the Willandra Lakes region.

Aboriginal Discovery Tours are the best way to learn about Mungo National Park and its ancient heritage, with the Aboriginal people who have lived the landscape for 45,000 years.

The Walls of China Boardwalks are open to public access. Supervised access to the Walls of China beyond the boardwalk is available through Discovery Tours or a licensed tour operator.

Tours operate throughout the year and are dependent on weather and road closures. See below for upcoming tours or phone 03 5021 8900.

Walk the Walls of China

Discovery Tour to the Walls of China. Photographed © Boris Havlica

Link up with Aboriginal Discovery Rangers at the Mungo Visitor Centre and learn first hand about the Aboriginal Culture and dreaming stories on display from our new interpretive features. From here you will tag-along in your own vehicle for an informative tour of the famous Walls of China. Learn about 50,000+ years of Aboriginal cultural history of the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area and discover the compelling story of survival associated with the rise and fall of the lake,all interpreted by your Aboriginal Discovery Ranger.

Representatives of the Paakantji, Ngyiampaa and Mutthi Mutthi tribal groups have been employed as Discovery rangers and are responsible for National Parks Discovery Walks, Talks and Tours. It is hoped that you enjoy the experience and share with them in learning about this amazing and unique area.

All activities start at the Mungo National Park Visitor Centre and are dependent on weather (particularly rain), please check local weather forecasts. Also check road conditions with Wentworth and Balranald Shire Councils.

Own transport is required for the Walk the Walls of China Tour. Drinks, sturdy footwear, cameras, binoculars, sunscreen and hats are strongly recommended. Please note, Day Use and Camping Fees apply within Mungo National Park.

Walk the Walls of China tour is now available for booking online. For current tour information and online booking please click on the link below: