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Mungo Lady and Mungo Man

Where are Mungo Lady and Mungo Man today?

After lengthy negotiations with Aboriginal Elders of the three traditional tribal groups, Mungo Lady was brought back to her Country in 1992. Reburial has problems because of the ongoing erosion of the lunette, and a special keeping place has not yet been constructed. So Mungo Lady rests in a locked safe at Mungo National Park, where two keys are required for access. One key is held by scientists, the other by the Elders.

Mungo Man is still at the Australian National University, while discussions about his future continue. While Aboriginal people value the information that has come from research on the remains, many also feel that enough is enough, and both of these ancient Mungo people should be reburied on their Country.

Nan started talking about Lady Mungo, because of how important it was to have Lady Mungo back here on Country because she could feel her spirit all the time... My Nan went and talked to the other Elders, from the other tribal groups. And that's when they decided that they would put up a big fight to have Lady Mungo returned back out here to Country. They did bring her back, and they took her down to where she was first found. The Elders realised that they actually couldn't do reburial at that time because of the erosion that happens out here.

Tanya Charles, Mutthi Mutthi