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Rainstorms can be spectacular over the sweeping plains, but they might also interrupt travel plans. Photograph © Ian Brown A cypress pine stands against the often cloudless skies of Mungo's semi-arid climate. Photograph © Ian Brown

Mungo's climate is much the same as that of Mildura.

The semi-arid climate means Mildura has an average of only 106 cloudy days a year.

Rainfall averages just 280 mm a year, with most rain falling in spring and the least in autumn. But rainfall is notoriously erratic and big falls that close roads can happen any time if you're unlucky.

Summer is generally hot, with average maximums of around 32 degrees and average minimums of between 16 and 17 degrees. But humidity is often low.

In winter the days are cool and the nights cold, with average maximums of 15 degrees and average night-time lows of around 4 degrees. Frosts are not uncommon.

The climate is ideal for travelling and exploring the country in the cooler months.

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