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The Meeting Place

The Lunette

Sunset on the Lake Mungo lunette. Photograph © Ian Brown

The Meeting Place also features a raised, crescent shaped viewing area which looks across the now dry bed of Lake Mungo to the lunette dune on its eastern shore. These lunettes, which occur on all of the ancient Willandra Lakes, are the natural keeping place of many of the artefacts that record at least 45,000 years of Aboriginal life.

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Mungo Lady and Mungo Man

Kangaroo bones. Photograph © Ian Brown

The lakeshore lunettes are the resting place of many Aboriginal ancestors. It was here, in the eroding sediments of the Mungo lunette, that the 42,000 year old remains of Mungo Lady and Mungo Man were found. When they returned from the deep past, Mungo Man and Mungo Lady re-wrote the book on Australia's ancient human history.

The lunette-shaped viewpoint at the Meeting Place symbolically represents and commemorates the ancient resting place of these and countless other Aboriginal people.

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