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Tracks in the Sand

Kangaroo tracks.

It can be a fun exercise to wander around the sand dunes early in the morning to see what animal tracks you can find, and work out what they've been up to. Kangaroos, Emus, dunnarts, introduced rabbits, foxes and goats, and a whole variety of birds and invertebrates all leave their tracks in the sand, many during the night. Some will be obvious, like Emu tracks, but most can be tricky to identify. Here's a few examples to get you started.

Fox tracks. Photograph © Ian Brown Emus often drag their middle toes. Photograph © Ian Brown Tracks of invertebrates are difficult to identify. Photograph © Ian Brown These raven tracks show where the bird launched into flight. Photograph © Ian Brown Rabbit tracks show how the animal hops forward using both front and rear legs. Photograph © Ian Brown Locusts and other invertebrates create a natural abstract. Photograph © Ian Brown