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Zanci Pastoral Heritage Loop

10 km walk
3 to 5 hours
behind the Visitor Centre
The Zanci dugout was used as a coolroom and a place to escape from the summer heat. Photograph © Ian Brown Chimney left standing at Zanci homestead. Photograph © Ian Brown Photograph © Ian Brown Old cypress pine near Zanci homestead. Photograph © Ian Brown

This half day ramble starts from behind the Meeting Place and follows the Foreshore Walk and other tracks to the historic Zanci homestead, returning by the old airstrip. Just follow the markers, but make sure you take sun protection and plenty of water as there's not much shade along the way.

You can easily spend a couple of hours exploring the fascinating relics of bygone days at Zanci and lunching at the picnic tables. Three original buildings survive from when the Vigar family ran the property: the shearing shed, the dugout and the stables.

Zanci was originally part of the large Gol Gol station, before being carved off as a small block for soldier settlers after World War I. The shearing shed is the same drop-log cypress pine construction as the Mungo Woolshed. In fact the Zanci shed was actually built from logs taken from the Mungo shed when it was 'down-sized' in 1922 - a response to the carve-up of properties and reduced productivity of the grazing lands.

In the days when grazing properties were being established, the local cypress pines were the only handy source of timber for buildings and fence-posts. Large mature trees are now scarce, but you will see some survivors from the pastoral era still standing around Zanci.

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