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The Meeting Place

Ancient footprints

Photograph © Michael Amendolia

A key feature of the Meeting Place is the re-creation of part of the ancient human tracks that were re-discovered in 2003. The footprints record some frozen moments in the lives of Aboriginal people who travelled across a damp claypan around 20,000 years ago. This is the largest known collection in the world of such ancient human footprints.

Today these fragile relics are specially protected. The footprints are extremely precious to the people who are directly descended from those who made them so long ago, and they are important to all humanity. To let everyone experience something of the wonder of the tracks, a section has been reproduced as an accurate replica at the Meeting Place. The replica was made using three dimensional laser scans and digital modelling.

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Mungo Lady and Mungo Man

The lakeshore lunettes are the resting place of many Aboriginal ancestors. It was here, in the eroding sediments of the Mungo lunette, that the 42,000 year old remains of Mungo Lady and Mungo Man were found. When they returned from the deep past, Mungo Man and Mungo Lady re-wrote the book on Australia's ancient human history.

The lunette-shaped viewpoint at the Meeting Place symbolically represents and commemorates the ancient resting place of these and countless other Aboriginal people.

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